PGD does the operation & maintenance of plants equipped with diesel and/or gas generators. The customers are usually contracted for long term to be served with the manpower, parts & service including load management. It is the responsibility of PGD to

Ensure smooth functioning to the plant by all possible means. Prevent approaching faults & reduces downtime. Ensure the optimum performance of the plant with better reliability & availability. Reduce unscheduled Parts consumption

Currently there are seven plants under O&M contract. Total size of the plants is 99.40 MW.

Plants under O&M Service

Meghna Energy Ltd.                               10.9 MW City Power Generation Ltd.                       5.1 MW ASM Chemical Industry                          10.2 MW Energypac Confidence Power Venture      11.2 MW Unique & Everest Power Plant Ltd.          53.3 MW Samuda Power Ltd.                                 8.7 MW Everest Power Ltd.                                25.5 MW

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